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Sustainable Design

New innovations have been popping up left and right to replace synthetic fibers in textiles. Some leather alternatives include fibers made out of grapes, coffee grounds, apples, coconuts, cork, teak leaves, and mulberry tree leaves. During a Ted Talk with Theanne Schiros, she brings up fabrics made from kombucha, bananas, pineapple, kelp, and fungi. These innovations were made possible in part by bouncing off the new inventions of Piñatex, Mylo, and Musa which are the fabric names for fibers made out of pineapple leaves, mushrooms, and bananas.

With the knowledge that these plants are capable of creating such objects, Theanne was able to make her products stronger. The more people study the abilities of plants, the more humans are able to utilize them continually improving the ways in which products are made. These fabrics are sustainable alternatives to real leather and synthetic fibers. They are non-toxic, create less waste and pollution, and are 100% biodegradable.

One last breathtaking piece of information gathered from the Ted Talk is that Theanne was able to 3-D print kelp. Up until now, 3-D printed fashion was only available for printing plastic garments. This is a game changer in making 3-D printing a now sustainable invention to be used in the fashion industry.

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