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The fashion industry has blindsided consumers of its horrific contribution to environmental destruction. The issue of this industry being the largest contributor to global pollution has recently been brought to people’s attention. This has created a movement of a decline in fast fashion and rise of more sustainable fashions. Sustainable fashions are of better quality causing them to last longer, but are usually pricy. On the other hand, fast fashions are poor quality, but are sold cheap. Fast fashion is ideal in this industry considering the industry’s reputation to be fast paced by always creating new styles and trends. This aspect of the industry is what makes it so successful. Because certain trends are in one season and out the next, consumers tend to buy things that are only needed to last a few wears. Fortunately, it seems that the uprising concern of global warming has caused individuals to take action, myself included.

Meet the author

Ann Marie was born in the suburbs as a younger sibling to one brother and sister. With this upbringing, most of her ‘new’ clothes were hand-me-downs, limiting her ability to create a style and identity of her own. However, fashion has intrigued her since middle school and hasn’t stopped catching her interest since. After her participation in pageants, working with a modeling agency, being the New York coordinator for a fashion documentary series, and helping co-produce the largest and longest running fashion show of Western New York, she couldn’t help but fall deeply in love with every aspect of the fashion industry. After putting up a fight with close loved ones that did not approve of her dream to pursue fashion as a career and college major, she was still determined to do whatever it took to follow her heart and move to the fashion capitol, New York City. Here, she has been able to reinvent herself by recreating her wardrobe to reflect the women she has always dreamed of showing the world. Ann Marie also tries getting her hands on any tickets for events throughout the five boroughs that have to do with fashion or business. This includes runway shows, seminars, meetings, fashion expos, conferences, meet and greets, networking events, etc.

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