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The Future of Fashion




Fashion Show Protest

Circular fashion has become an increasingly popular topic with more and more consumers and businesses becoming conscious of environmental and ethical impacts. Consumers are striving to change the way in which fashion businesses operate with one recent example being a protest during Victoria Beckham’s fall 2019 collection fashion show.

A crowd formed at the show holding signs with various slogans to encourage luxury brands to be environmentally and ethically friendly. Victoria responded to consumers’ wishes as many other luxury brands have by banning the use of all real animal skins and furs in their lines. It is crucial for brands to start being mindful of what ethical fashion is and how they can contribute to positive change. The uprise in consumer contribution and concern of ethical practices and the fashion industry’s impact on it is not just a trend, but rather a movement that will only continue to flourish and force businesses to evolve. Companies that do not change with these consumer demands will severely hurt their future growth.

If consumers show support of ethical fashion, fashion brands will meet consumer demand and implement sustainable business practices. Each person has the ability to vote for faux furs and leathers with each dollar spent on these types of fashions. Consumers have a large impact on the businesses that every product comes from. The time to implement these fashion practices has never been more urgent than now. The design, production, and consumption stages should always revolve around keeping ethics in mind by making sustainability a core focus.


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Feb 2019

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